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Hi. We re on a mission to help the world eat differently.


Our super creamy plant-based ice cream is made with (wait for it) … cauliflower! The planet’s meat and dairy heavy diets aren’t sustainable, and something’s got to give. EatKinda is a new way for everyone to eat where no one misses out.

You can view our Countdown/Woolworths NZ locations on the map here or click the store logos to view their website.

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Led by science and our passion for making great-tasting kai, we’ve developed a plant-based ice cream that tastes like the real deal — creamy, delicious and hard to stop at one scoop. Whether you’re flexitarian, plant-based, dairy-free, vegan or lured in by our pretty packaging, we know you’ll love EatKinda.

Ugly delicious

A lot of New Zealand’s fruit and vegetable crops don’t make it to our supermarkets because they’re the wrong size, or colour or a bit odd-looking. But here at EatKinda, we know that beauty is on the inside. When available our perfectly delicious ice cream is made from cosmetically imperfect cauliflower which would otherwise go to waste certified by Perfectly Imperfect.

Our ice cream

Choose from three delicious flavours — Double Chocolate, Mint Choc Bikkie and Strawberry Swirl. All of our products are 100% vegan, GMO-free and palm oil free. Made without dairy, soy, nuts, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

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Sweetly tangy strawberry plant-based ice cream made with summertime’s best berries.

Our story.

It started with a vegan cheese cake fail

​When Jenni Matheson went vegan in early 2000, the plant-based offerings were slim and not known for their deliciousness. A talented home cook, Jenni experimented to create plant-based recipes and transformed a not-so-good vegan cheesecake into oh-so-good cauliflower ice cream. After rave reviews from family and friends, Jenni decided to pitch her plant-based ice cream idea at Startup Taranaki, where it caught the eye of Massey University student Mrinali Kumar, who was in the final days of her Bachelor of Food Technology.

Growing up, Mrinali’s family mostly ate vegetarian food and she had spent late nights as a kid experimenting with baking cakes and biscuits that were dairy-free, egg-free and delicious. When Mrinali tasted Jenni’s cauliflower ice cream, she knew they were onto something big. And EatKinda was born.

EatKinda for everyone

​As well as a shared love of plant-based food, for EatKinda co-founders Jenni and Mrinali, it’s important to do the right thing, even if it means going against the grain. We’re here to make the best decisions for our planet and for future generations. We’re here to be the change we want to see in the world — one scoop of cauliflower ice cream at a time.

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World-class ice cream, grass-roots support

​We’re incredibly grateful for the help of many people and organisations for their support of our EatKinda journey. Ngā mihi nui to industry mentors Ross McCullum (Founder of Kāpiti Ice Cream) and Brianne West (Founder and CEO of Ethique). We’d like to give a special thanks to Ocean for our branding, packaging design, brand voice and more; the New Zealand Food Innovation Network for their technical assistance; and Callaghan Innovation, Venture Taranaki, Agmardt, Soda Inc and KiwiNet.

Our Blog.

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