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EatKinda x Marcels Pancakes

Alright, so we know you love ice cream (duh!) but what about pancakes? What about plant based pancakes?!

That's right, Marcels has plant powered pancakes right here in New Zealand and we are stoked to be teaming up to give away some lovin' of both ice cream + pancakes.

Head to our Instagram to be in to win.

Marcel’s & EatKinda Ice Cream Sandwiches

In this recipe Marcel’s vegan mini pancakes combine with EatKinda Strawberry Swirl ice-cream to create a whole new take on the humble ice cream sandwich. Perfect for kids birthday parties or a fun dessert, it is guaranteed to put a smile on faces young and old! Also this tasty treat is vegan, dairy free and egg free.


Makes 12 sandwiches


Let the ice cream soften a little then spoon out roughly a tablespoon and sandwich between two mini pancakes. Sprinkle the sides with pink sprinkles then put in the freezer until ready to serve. Repeat with the remaining ice-cream, pancakes and sprinkles. When ready to serve, remove from the freezer, arrange on a platter and enjoy!

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