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From testing to triumph: Our successful launch with Hell Pizza

In 2019, Mrinali Kumar and Jenni Matheson, our co-founders, had big dreams of taking EatKinda nationwide and then to the world. In March 2023, the first step towards that journey became a reality.

We’re super grateful to Hell Pizza who took a chance on our unique product by allowing us to test the market, and it’s safe to say that EatKinda is now loved by many.

Within two weeks, most Hell Pizza stores were running dangerously low on stock, and eight weeks after launch, our tubs were completely devoured across the country.

We asked Siang Tay, Marketing Manager at Hell Pizza some questions and this is what he had to say:

Q1 - What was your reaction when you tried EatKinda for the first time?

Delicious! The first flavour I tried was Strawberry Swirl, and it was so creamy. The flavour was really well-balanced and not overly sweet like what you might find with other dairy free ice creams or sorbets.”

Q2 - What is your favourite part about our brand?

“The product is great, but I also love the substance and values behind the brand's vision.”

Q3 - What has been your top highlight for the EatKinda launch?

“Our goal was to try and get as much EatKinda into as many mouths as possible and get people to share their experience. What really stood out was how many people responded and shared their taste experience - with many of them also defending it against the nay-sayers.”

You love it as much as we do

Helping the world eat differently is at the core of what we do here at EatKinda. We’re here to be the change we want to see in the world — one scoop of cauliflower ice cream at a time.

It’s a surreal feeling to think that we started on Jenni’s kitchen bench from a vegan cheesecake fail. And now we’re here, with raving EatKinda fans across New Zealand.

Hell Pizza rallied some Ice Cream Connoisseurs to rate our cauliflower ice cream. Leading the way with a thorough review — @sh1teater on Instagram:

"There is no way I would’ve picked this as being anything other than a high-quality ice cream. And absolutely no way I would’ve guessed that this was cauliflower. It is deliciously sweet and unbelievably creamy, plus the strawberry swirl is a perfect amount of sweet and tangy to compliment the ice cream."

Q1 - You only get one chance to make a first impression, so cast your eyes over the pots of creamy goodness; how would you rate the look?

🤤 Rebecca: Strawberry looks very appealing because of the swirl. The colours and smell match the flavour. 5/5.

🤤 Anita E: First appearance is full of strawberry swirl and choc chips. Not a strong aroma, but the colour provides a visual scent. Looks yum. The swirl and chips continue down the pottle, so you get a bit with almost every mouthful. 5/5.

Q2 - How would you rate the "mouth feel" of your ice cream?

🤤 Nat P: The texture is smooth and creamy. It feels like normal ice cream. I can tell it isn't made with premium just milked cow’s cream, but I'm also aware that this hasn't been a cheap dollar bucket of plastic masquerading as a frozen dessert. 4/5.

🤤 Anita E: A creamy, pleasantly light-feeling dessert that lasted hard long enough to reach the lips before slowly melting in mouth. Felt delightfully decadent. 4/5.

Q3 - Take another small bite of your ice cream; how yum is it?

🤤 Jesse Smith: The aftertaste stays for a while, is nice and minty and leaves nice explosions of flavour in your mouth (bits of cookie). 3/5.

🤤 Marjua: The strawberry taste is prominent and refreshing. Be great after a nice spicy pizza. 4/5.

EatKinda to the world

We have tears in our eyes! Thank you for all having open minds and a willingness to taste a world-first cauliflower ice cream.

Our delish cauliflower icecream will be back in your local Hell Pizza on 18th August 2023.

We have also been working with supermarkets so that we can be stocked on a shelf near you before Summer 2023/24 (and yes we’ll have larger tubs).

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