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sunrise conference + going viral

Wow! What a crazy month September has been.

We've been SO busy working towards our exciting launch into Countdown for November. Our staff are buzzing, and the tubs are being packaged... So many people are asking where to buy EatKinda, where to find Mint, when we will be in Countdown.. what a journey this is!

On September 20th we had the pleasure of showcasing our Cauliflower Ice Cream to hundreds of startup folk at the Sunrise Aotearoa conference in Auckland.

Tim Brown, the Founder of AllBirds gave our Ice Cream a taste.. and LOVED IT! (watch here)

Tim Brown, Founder of AllBirds

As a startup ourselves, it was so cool to be surrounded by other founders, investors, and people working within the startup eco-system from New Zealand and abroad.

We discovered something interesting - everyone from the UK preferred the mint choc bikki flavour - apparently there is a mint choc product over there that everyone has grown up with?!

Milli also turned 25 on the day so it was extra special!


We have been hard at work at The Food Bowl in Auckland getting our larger tubs ready for launch into Countdown. Shoutout to all the team for working tirelessly to get all 3 flavours ready. Look at all of those boxes filled with EatKinda!

Going Viral

We've been putting a little more effort into Tiktok lately.. and it looks like it's working.

One video is absolutely skyrocketing, with 292,000 views at time of writing this, 20,000 likes, 1000 saves, 500 comments, 1000 shares. So many positive comments, and SO MANY people in Australia asking where to buy / when we will be stocked there. Well, let's get our launch into Countdown sorted first, then we will absolutely look to expand overseas!

Make sure you are following us on Tiktok to watch our journey (and hopefully more viral videos!)

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