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We sold out at Hell + are we launching in the US?!

All cheers around here for a successful launch with our pals over at Hell Pizza. 🍕

Hell Pizza took a chance on our unique product by allowing us to test the market, and it’s safe to say that EatKinda is now loved by many!

The next step for us is working with supermarkets so that we can be stocked on a shelf near you before Summer (and yes we’ll have larger tubs). 💖

You’ll be the first to know when we’re in stores, and once again, thank you for selling us out in multiple locations. A huge biz milestone for us all. 🙏

Milli is scoping out the US 👀

First on the agenda was attending the Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Conference (HEI). The conference brings together innovators, business leaders, and industry experts who are passionate about creating positive change through sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Vegan Women's Summit 🚺

The Vegan Women Summit is an empowering and transformative gathering that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women in the vegan movement.

Both of these events were a fantastic opportunity for Milli to connect with other entrepreneurs who are paving the way in the plant based food sector. Here’s some of her highlights so far:

🧀 Plant-based blue cheese that tastes like the real deal from Climax Blue.

🍄 Cream cheese made with mushroom protein!

📈 Overall it is clear that the quality of plant-based options overseas is much higher than New Zealand.

In New York, the prioritisation of health and sustainability through a plant-based lifestyle extends to a state level commitment, with a significant backing from Mayor Eric Adams. All hospitals and schools in New York now offer a plant-based menu as the default option.

Witnessing this level of support for plant-based options in New York fills us with hope, and we eagerly anticipate a similar wave of impact reaching New Zealand.

Inspiration nation

This trip to America has been pivotal for Milli’s growth as an entrepreneur. She has been fortunate enough to meet some epic leaders who are creating cutting edge start ups in the plant based sector. Including the awe inspiring Sandhya Sriram, CEO and Founder of Shiok Meats.

EatKinda made it to Sprouts

Milli had an amazing opportunity to share EatKinda with the Category Manager at Sprouts Farmers Market - a nationwide natural grocery chain in America.

A surreal feeling to share Kiwi innovation on American soil. And transporting ice cream around the world is no easy feat. In this instance, it almost didn’t make it. 🥵

Thank you for reading, we appreciate your interest in our journey as a New Zealand start up. 😊

To keep up to date with us more regularly follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. 📱

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Dan Thurston Crow
Dan Thurston Crow
Jun 09, 2023

This is so inspiring, at so many levels. You're blazing a trail that offers so much hope and possibility to so many people. Thank you.

Felicia Aull
Jun 12, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for your lovely comment and support :)

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